Why It Pays to Have Your Cat Spayed

Having your cat spayed is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s even something which defines responsible pet owners from negligent ones.

Directly affecting the aspect of pet overpopulation, spaying your cat thins down the number of homeless cats and/or cats which end up in animal shelters, with statistics rated at 6 to 8 million homeless animals brought to US-based animal shelters on a yearly basis. An estimated half of that number manage to be adopted, with the other half left to be euthanized as an only course of action.

Apart from thinning down the overpopulation of pets, having your cats spayed also lessens the cost of maintaining multiple cats in one household, as well as helps in dealing with a cat’s instinctive persona during in heat seasons.

Tomcats, during in heat seasons, tend to be loud, announcing their presence to females near and far. By having your male cat spayed, instances of late sleepless nights because of a Tom’s yowling will be easily dealt with, along with mornings when Tomcats come home after last night’s brawl with other neighborhood Toms.

A Tomcat announcing his presence doesn’t just draw in female cats, but also males, which would lead to back alley or rooftop brawls. At times, even uninterested females pick brawl with persistent Toms who just can't get a clue, and this isn't only noisy but can lead to serious cat injuries as well.

Female cats in heat tend to be really loud, yowling for days or weeks at a time. Though a female cat's in-heat season happens over sparse intervals, some female cats get in heat on a monthly basis, with some even yowling and marking the house a couple of days each week.

Having your cat spayed won't affect his/her demeanor as a cat, but will greatly reduce the inconveniences during a cat's in heat season and will also maintain the number of felines running around the house.

By spaying your cat, you're doing your part in helping do away with the needless deaths of abandoned or unwanted felines.

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