Black Bear Dancing In-front of Japanese School Children

So you think you got the moves to be the next big hit on the web?! Then show the world what you got just like this black bear friend of hours who gave Japanese school children on a tour more than what they came for but "jammin" with them with head bouncing moves fit for any 50 Cent video. No wonder why this short clip is viral.

Didn't you find the video fun? I'm sure it made you smile at least. I'm almost certain you hit the replay button and shared any variant of the video to your friends too. However, after having done these myself, I suddenly remembered the movie Happy Feet. Do you guys remember the part when Mambo was trapped in a zoo as well and he was losing it until suddenly he decided to dance and boom he got the attention of humans by doing just that. Could this bear be trying to do the same? What do you think?

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