Crazy Fun Facts About Koala

Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) is a arboreal herbivorous marsupila native to Australia, Koala's are found in the coastal regions of eastern and southern Australia from Adelaide to the southern part of Cape York Peninsula.
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A koala are often mistaken for a wombat or a type of bear hence the name "Koala bear", the only difference is that a koala has a thicker coat of fur, large ears and a longer limbs. Usually spends its time up a eucalyptus tree eating the leaves and resting or sleeping for about 18 hours a day.

A baby koala is called a "joey" it is remained hidden in a mother koala's pouch for atleast six months feeding on milk, at 8 months old "joeys" begins to explore outside but remained near the mother or riding at its back at this stage it begin to consume small amounts of mothers "pap" inorder to inoculate its gut with microbes necessary to digest eucalyptus leaves upon adulthood.
Koalas walk on all four legs when walking on the ground, joey clinging to the back (picture from
The Australian Government now list the koala as a priority species for conservation status assessment, the estimates of the national koala population numbers are in hundreds of thousand, although other studies have estimated that as few as 80,000 koala's are left in the wild.
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