How to Potty Train Your Cat

As many cat owners would tell, training cats to use the litter box isn’t as challenging, given that cats are instinctively wired to find a “spot of dirt”, do their business, then cover up.

Potty training your cat, however, isn’t as natural as letting kitty toilet instincts got at their own pace, but potty training your cat isn’t an impossible feat to accomplish.

Here are simple steps, touching up on how to potty train your cat.

These steps aren’t exactly foolproof ways, but many have found them to be effective in resolving how to potty train your cat woes.

Rearrange your cat’s Toilet Arrangement – moving your cat’s litter box near the toilet is step one, allowing your kitty the chance to know that this is the new setup in the house. Position the litter box at toilet-floor level, gradually leading the box into the toilet over time.

Raise heights – after a day or two, depending on how long your cat gets accustomed to the new arrangement, gradually raise the litter box from the toilet’s floor level. You can use different items (like phonebooks or sturdy boxes) as risers.

Reposition the litter box to be closer to the toilet seat – as you gradually increase the litter box’s level, gradually position it closer to the toilet seat.

Lessen the amount of litter in the box – as your cat’s litter box is gaining height and getting closer to the toilet seat, lessen the amount of kitty litter in the box. The idea is to give your cat the “option” to find an “alternative” when he/she is doing his/her business.

Facilitate the litter box to toilet transition – if your cat is still uncomfortable with using the toilet, bearing with a litter box that is sparse with the amount of kitty litter, facilitate the litter box to toilet transition. One method comes in adding flushable litter directly into the toilet, which “leads” your cat into thinking that the toilet is the new spot.

Once your cat has grown accustomed and identifies the toilet as the new litter box, gradually re position the litter box away from the toilet seat. Basically, do the opposite of rising and repositioning the litter box to the toilet seat.

As soon as your cat ignores the litter box, you can take it out from the toilet since it’ll be fair to say kitty’s now potty trained. Don’t forget to flush every time you or anyone in your household uses the toilet. Cats don’t like using the toilet when it stinks of something else. Also, keep the door open when no one is using the toilet, to allow your cat entry when he/she has to go.

So there you have it. Simple steps in potty training your cat.

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