Hyacinth Macaws Pictures

flying Hyacinth Macaws

Hyacinth Macaws

Hyacinth Macaws image

Hyacinth Macaws picture

flying Hyacinth Macaws image

Hyacinth Macaws pictures

flying Hyacinth Macaws picture

Hyacinth Macaws

flying Hyacinth Macaw

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Canadian Moose Pictures

Canadian Moose

Canadian Moose image

Canadian Moose image

Canadian Moose picture

Canadian Moose picture

Canadian Moose

Canadian Moose images
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Humans: Going Beyond the Primate Ancestry

What makes monkeys and other primates so close to humans? Why is there a significant bond that cannot be objected? Besides similar anatomy, behavior and characteristics, the family Hominidae, well includes our kind, our species, the Homo sapiens together with the apes, chimpanzees and the bonobos.

According to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, “Besides similar anatomy and behavior, there is DNA evidence. It confirms that humans are primates and those modern humans and chimpanzees diverged from a common ancestor between 8 and 6 million years ago. There is only 1.2 percent genetic difference between modern humans and chimpanzees throughout much of their genetic code.
Humans: Going Beyond the Primate Ancestry
Are we just one of those primate species with origins from Africa and other parts of the world? As far as the National Human Genome Research Institute is concerned, we actually share roughly 96 percent of our DNA with chimpanzees, our closes living great ape cousins today. In fact, most of the 4% difference
found was in the duplicated non-gene segments. These genes apparently are the ones responsible for the capability of speech and the great control of it, the senses like smelling, hearing, digesting proteins.

Are we still in denial? Although there is still so much to be learned from the study of primates and humans, one fact remains. Apart from the similarity of our internal organs, the number of chromosomes in our cells (46 for humans and 48 for the apes) with our relatively known ancestors, human beings are special and that we have gone beyond being treated as a primate and have developed a human brain that is 3 times larger in volume than the other great primates.

Human brain based on the body size ration is considerably bigger and massive and it has a larger cerebral cortex with a much higher concentration of neutrons. Although it is not surprising that anatomy has a major similarity, the poignant difference between the great apes and humans is the more complex
form of mental ability that allows creation of great and innovative ideas and complex technologies, no other primate of its kind has excelled. Verbal communication and speech is the other capability that humans have developed through time.

Why are we using computers, going to schools, driving cars, learning unceasingly and developing new and exciting things for the great future?
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Caring for Immobile Dogs

Dogs that went through an accident or have a certain illness could become immobile. They could lose the ability to move and control their legs, have difficulty walking or end up lying around all day. This is a sad situation but there are still a few things that dog owners can do to help their pets be able to move again.
Caring for Immobile Dogs

Dog owners can now sign their dogs up for physical therapy sessions at their local animal clinic or hospital. There are some physical therapists that specialize in animals but some vets are also knowledgeable about the practices and therapies to help dogs be able to walk again. Dogs who undergo therapy, especially the ones that are ill with degenerative myelopathy, tend to develop the illness slower and regain control of their paws.


Little things like ramps and elevations can help your dog get around the house or into your car a bit easier. You don’t have to purchase those expensive ramps, you can just create one out of some wood or even just get the inexpensive ones. These help your do move up the stairs, get into cars and even go from one floor to another in your house.

Booties and mats

If your dog has a hard time standing up because it can’t control its lower limbs anymore, let them wear a bootie so that they can have a better grip on the floor. Another way to help them out is to place mats on areas in the house where they might need to turn. This helps to avoid them from slipping and tripping. This helps dogs with arthritis and degenerative myelopathywhen keeping their balance and not falling off.


If your dog has completely lost its ability to move its hind legs, then getting it a wheelchair will help. Ask your vet id they can offer a good doctor that can fit your dog a wheelchair. Don’t just get any readymade one since this could not be the right fit and size for your dog. 

Although some immobility problems are not curable, you can still help minimize symptoms by giving your dog some medication. Other vets would just advise some additional food supplement and extra exercise. Before giving your dog any form of medication or food supplement, make sure that the vet approves it first. Regular check-ups are also advisable.
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The Pygmy Goat Makes an Interesting Pet

Traditionally, goats are farm animals but they also make good and interesting pets. Some people tend to prefer a goat as a pet instead of a dog or cat, depending on how they want a pet to be. There is a wide variety of goat breeds available but the most sought-after as pet is the one that is the friendliest and the smallest, the dwarf breed….introducing: the Pygmy Goat.

How do you intend the Pygmy goat to be as a pet? Are you expecting it to guard the house from strangers and intruders? Well, you cannot train a pygmy goat to serve as a watch-goat. Are you looking for a pet that you can cuddle and sleep with? A dog or a cat can be your companion on bed at night but not a pygmy goat. It can still be a great and wonderful pet to have given some requirements and limitations.
Pygmy Goat
Because of its small size, its stature is hardy, robust and compact with thick and wooly undercoat making them more adaptable to any kind of climate. In fact, a pygmy goat could be able to reproduce in-season and out-of-season if you care enough to have a house filled with all those pygmies.

A Pygmy goat is a small breed of goat that is extremely sociable, playful and intelligent. They are the ones that are seen being petted on zoos, their amiable character defines them. Their miniature size is not limited to the energy and agility it shows, making them active and never-restful, always seen on – the-go, as if driven by something. Since this goat type is not used for the main purpose of getting meat or milk as compared to the other breeds in the farm, they serve as remarkable pets for people who want something different than a dog but can still behave like one. They love being handled, petted, treated lovingly and also longs to follow around the house when permitted.

Before you decide on getting a Pygmy goat as pet, learn what to do and know what to expect. As much as they can be affectionate and docile, sometimes their oozing energies cause them to be very curious and inquisitive, often times sticking their horns at the wrong place and at the wrong time.

Pygmy goats despite their being domesticated are still considered herd animals and they cannot survive alone. They need a mate (one partner will do) and if possible, more of its kind to create an atmosphere of where it is designed to thrive successfully. A reasonable amount of space is needed with all the shed, beddings made of straw or shedding all depending on the number of pygmies you have or planning to have. Living in the city may pose some space limitations and certain laws of your area, so better comply with these entire first, before making things happen for a pet Pygmy goat.
Pygmy Goat

Pygmy Goat

Pygmy Goat

Pygmy Goat
Pygmy Goat Video
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Mona Monkey

Most people are just content to have a regular pet that does not create any hassle or special treatment but there are others who want to stand-out in the crowd having a different kind, an exotic pet that pushes the pet owner status a notch higher than the rest. Maybe it’s a symbol of having a unique pet or
basically because exotic pets are fun to have and “uniquely yours” for the taking.

Of the many lists that would tackle wild or exotic pets to have, the Mona Monkey, undoubtedly is always part of it. An Old Word Monkey that lives and urvives mostly in Western Africa, the Mona Monkey is native of Nigeria, Angola, Congo, Cambia and West Uganda. They can also be spotted on the island of Grenada which was believed to be brought to the island by pirate and slave ships during the 18 th century. Grenada is a three-island state located in the Eastern Caribbean at the southern side of the Windward islands which is about 100 miles north of Venezuela.
Mona Monkey
Primates and monkeys are classified into two basic groups: the Old word and the New World. The Old World and the New World monkeys are typically identified by the form and structure of their noses. Old Word monkeys such as the Mona Monkey has broader noses with a wide septum separating outwardly directed noses while the New World have more narrow ones. Old World Monkeys would include the baboons and the macaques.

Mona Monkeys love to live and thrive at the middle and tops of trees in the rainforests making them as arboreal species rather than terrestrial although there are a few known Mona monkeys that stay in forests and swamps and sometimes on farmlands.

The body length of a Mona Monkey is from 32 to 53 cm and its tail is surprisingly so long that reaches up to 67 to 90 centimeters. This is where they got their name “mona” with its Moorish root and the extensively long tails. Not only is the length of the tail so unique and extreme, but also its color. The top portion of the tail Mona monkey is black at the top portion with a black tip and under it is somewhat lighter and greyish. Identically, they have white lips and have greyish-yellow cheeks with a distinctively bluish gray on the top half of its face.

Weighing about 15 to 20 pounds, the Mona Monkey’s life span reaches to early 20’s and even 30’s, one major reason that it can make a great and long-time exotic pet. It also tops the most exotic pets to own with a pricy tag at $6,000 to $8,000, much closer to the DeBrazza’s at $10,000.00

Despite the staggering price, just like any monkey, they love to climb because of their arboreal nature, fairly sociable and friendly. Their diet requirements are pretty simple and easy to prepare that consists mainly of insects, fruits, leaves and sprouts. What is so amazing about this specie is their ability to store food in their cheek pouch which has a storage capacity as big as the stomach extending to both sides of the neck from the lower teeth.
Mona Monkey

Mona Monkey

Mona Monkey

Mona Monkey
Mona Monkey Video
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Funny Animal Picture

like a boss cat
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Pricy Pets for Sale

Does price really matter when it comes to have a ‘best friend’ at home? As much as there are cheap and inexpensive pets for sale, there are also pets with lavish prices and high price tags. You see, pricy pets obviously come with a very expensive price tag, in which not all pet lovers could easily buy even in their lifetime. How far can pet lovers splurge to have a one-of-a-kind pet?

Some can only wish and dream to have a $4000 kind of pet, but for others, the price is not a problem at all. If you consider cats, you can have a variety of expensive and luxurious ones from the Bengal Cat, the Savannah cat and the white lions. However, in this list you can have choice between primate pals that could remind you of the Planet of the Apes, of course, minus the ‘taking over the earth’ kind of thing.
Snow Macaque
Snow Macaque – these are small primates that can look small but can still grow as big as 2 and 4 feet in length, not considering the tail and would need a high and large enclosure of up to 30 feet squared. It is also known as the Japanese Macaque with grey fur and red face, palms, soles and bottoms. Very intelligent and clean, these known primates have the innate quality of washing their food before eating it. They live up to thirty years or more. The Snow Macaque is a threatened species and would therefore need a special permit or license to have one as a pet. Price range of this pricy pet is $3,500.00.
Squirrel Monkey
Squirrel Monkey – they are small and adorable and comes from the tropical forests of Central and South America. They grow up until about 2 pounds making them really cute and cuddly. They are also highly smart just like most primates. Squirrel Monkeys are very sociable, friendly, affectionate and easy to get
along with. Their unique style of marking territory is by squirting their urine onto their hands and feet, and leaving the smell wherever they go. Price range of this cute monkey is $4,000.00.
DeBrazza’s Monkey
DeBrazza’s Monkey – an old-world monkey endemic to the wetlands of Central Africa, the DeBrazza’s Monkey has a very interesting look which mainly features a noble beard like a monkey professor. They also have pouches on their cheeks which serve as food storage during foraging. They also have a reddish brown back, an orange crescent-shaped mark on the forehead, has white eyelids and white muzzle. Male De Brazzas are larger that grow up to 15 pounds while females weigh about 10 pounds. Price range reaches to as high as $10,000.00
Chimpanzee – Well, who can resist a chimpanzee? Usually called a chimp, there are pros and cons in owning one. They can be so irresistible when they are babies but can be aggressive and dangerous when mature. Very intelligent and strong, chimpanzees can climb curtains, overturn tables and chairs, knockoff anyone easily when annoyed. Price range is a whopping $60,000-$65,000.00.
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Consider Expensive Exotic Cats

There are people who just want to have unique pets, not just based on their looks and breed but also one that caters to their status symbol, something that can talk about their class and stature in society. These pets, can be pet cats that come in different kinds, looks and sizes and also widely differ in how they are managed and cared. Most of all, they can be totally distinct among others because of the price tag it connotes.

Talk about prices, these pets are, the most expensive ones ranging from approximately $800 to $138,000. These pets are generally legal in the United States but may be limited to other states and areas. It takes not just the availability of cash to purchase these expensive pets but also information on care and even special licensing for some.
Savannah Cats
Bengal Cat – This exotic feline is a cross between a common domestic cat and an Asian Leopard cat which is small, only weighing about 10 pounds but its price is not small and cheap at all. The buying rate runs between $800 to $3,000.00 depending on the size and the age of the cat.

White Lion Cubs – Would you consider a cute and white lion cub as a pet? Their white fur does not mean they are an albino of some sort. It is actually caused by a recessive gene known as the chutiya or color inhibitor gene, highly varied from the albinism gene. However these white lion cubs have a rare color mutation of the Kruger subspecies of Lion. Believe it or not, white lion cubs’ price range from $120,000 to a staggering $138,000.00 that tends to grow humungous through time reaching over 300 pounds of muscle, teeth, claws and all. In fact, their size requires a considerable amount of food consumption which is up to 20 lbs. of food per day.

Ashera Cat- This is not an ordinary cat at all. It looks pretty expensive and hybrid. An Ashera cat is a breed created by mixing the bloodlines of a domesticated cat, an African Serval and an Asian Leopard Cat. The produce is a 30 pound extraordinary cat taht is domesticated, affectionate, loving and very intelligent. The price too, is extraordinary which about $22,000 is to start with depending on the size and maturity.

Savannah Cat
– This cat has basically the same bloodline as that of the Ashera but with a lower price of $5,000 for a start. They are noted for their slender, tall bodies and their big ears. It is one of the newest breed in the world and the cross-breeding takes time for it to be successful.
Ashera Cat

Bengal Cat

White Lion Cubs
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Fun and Full of Character Game with a Cause

Most often, you can find dinners, concerts and shows that are made and organized with a specific reason- some to raise funds, help the needy and work for a certain cause. Where else can you find benefit organizations that offer such novel deeds?

Much to some people’s surprise, an exhilarating free game is taking the Android market by storm. Where else can you do charitable work other than the ones mentioned? However, you can now play and have a time of your life while engaging in a fun-filled dog-flying and full of character game that does not only entertain and provide a non-stop action adventure but also support a brilliant and philanthropic act of kindness to man’s best friend, our stray and orphaned dogs.
An aerial combat game for Android, Daredogs is the first indie game that Bugbyte Productions has produced with virtually a great cause to support. Playing this game will automatically give away 10% of Bugbyte’s income to selected dog shelters and other pet-based charities. What is also worthwhile to note is that instead of the 10%, it will be increased to a total of 20% when the 5 million downloads mark is achieved. This does not look a pretty ambitious, don’t you think with a valuable and more meaningful cause to propagate.

Now, doing charity is not only limited to one-time appointments and spur-of-the-moment activities but a regular kind of giving every time Bravo, the star of the Daredogs aerial gaming flight, flies into the air to win the Daredog Pilot’s trophy.

Developer Bugbyte Productions provides players a game of invigorating fun, daredevil acts and thrilling adventures with equally four exciting game types to play; Race, Dog Fight, Capture the Bone, Pirate Heist and of course there are boss battles mixed in throughout Daredogs.

The game is so easy to play and to some extent enticing, you would not want to let go. There are Daredogs features that offer the following for a more enthralling game experience: 4 different modes, 4 different playable dog characters, 25 unique tournament opponents, 7 unique tournament bosses and a plethora of unique weapons to choose from.

In Daredogs, you will be playing as Bravo, although you can also shift to other three known characters. The Daredogs tournament is the name of the game and Bravo tries to re-claim the friendly skies when his Daredog pilot-father died. With so much more to offer, Daredogs is a unique and electrifying game that makes a difference in Android, definitely a fun and full of character game with a worthy cause.
 Daredogs Video
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Do You Love Animals? Start a Pet Sitting Business

If you happen to love animals, maybe the pet sitting business is just perfect for you! Not only do you love animals, but also, you can convert this love to some extra bucks that does not require experience. In fact, the main qualifiers to be an effective pet sitter is the love for animals, the time you can render plus cleaning their mess is not at all, a big deal!

Although it would be easy to start with your driving motivation, you should prepare everything first before actually making a big leap for pet sitting, because the task might not be as simple as it projects to be.
Do You Love Animals? Start a Pet Sitting Business
Considering a pet sitting business may require low costs but it not that easy as you think it is! A good amount of knowledge and preparedness can equip you to become the most sought-after pet sitter in your neighborhood. With these tips, you can think about pushing through with your plan of action or not.

First, check out your area and neighborhood. Is there an existing pet sitting entity? If there is, set an appointment and discuss with the owner about the challenges of the business. In this manner, you can also decipher if there is an additional requirement to have another pet sitting business apart from the current one already at work.

Second, consider the costs to be entailed, the investment you need to make and the minor other requirements to start this kind of business like place, staff and other worthwhile matters.

Third, a business license is a must-have. In any kind of business, you need to prepare necessary documents that would secure you from any legal concerns in the long run.

Fourth, be covered. Most clients would inquire if you have insurance for the protection of their pets. It is also a protection on your part to be set-apart in case there are untoward incidents. The insurance can have you covered all the way.

Fifth, you can work hand in hand with a veterinarian. Doing this can help you be at tuned with animal welfare, health and wellness. You can also refer the animals to the vet for their added clientele as well as help contain any condition in case you suspect something is wrong with the animal.
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Dealing With Anxious and Stressed Pets

Do pets also get anxious and stressed-out? The answer, no doubt, is a big YES! Just as we human get anxious, panicky and stressed out, so do our most huggable pets. They can be stressed by a simple car ride alone, a regular check to the vet and even a quick visit to the grooming shop. Thunderstorms may also cause their anxiety and a lot more leading to severe separation anxiety and phobias in some cases. It is also a fact that even when the stress, not all animals are stressed in one and the same thing. For example, a dog may be stressed and disturbed when there is a party held in the house while other dogs remain unperturbed and seemingly enjoying the revelry.
Dealing With Anxious and Stressed Pets
We become oblivious of the fact that our pets suffer the way we do and often times, these anxiety attacks are disregarded and abandoned. Since most of our pets do get stressed-out, it is important to note the common cause of stress, so we can do something to alleviate and better still, get rid of it. Apart from the car ride, visit to the vet and grooming shop, these lovable creatures also become anxious by the changes in their routine or the environment as a whole. This would include major changes in the family’s life like moving to another neighborhood with a different climate or even the arrival of a new baby in the family.

Small changes that occur can also affect pets that are so used to the same place. Rearranging the furniture can stress some pets. The addition of another pet in the house whether of the same kind or breed can heighten stress elements because of territorial reasons.

Since stress, especially chronic stress can greatly affect the health and wellness of human beings, it is but proper to deal with it. Each pet is unique. Therefore, there is no remedy that could be made generic to all pets. What works for one may not be effective to the other. While behavior modification is vital in dealing with chronic anxiety and phobia, there are natural remedies to ease anxiety and stress among pets. Tranquilizers usually stop the violent behavior but will not really ensure a total stop to anxiety attacks. Therefore, it is not the prime solution for anxiety attacks.

Through the use of flower essences using extracts of flowers, each essence addressing a specific trait or personality type. Flower therapy was developed by Dr. Edward Bach during the 1930's. Dr. Bach was a conventionally trained physician who studied immunology and was involved in the development of a number of vaccines.

Rescue Remedy is the best known essence and produces a calming in many nervous pets. It is composed of the essences of 5 flowers: cherry plum, clematis, impatiens, rock rose and Star of Bethlehem.
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Conjunctivitis in Dogs: Treatment and Cure

If you are a dog owner, this problem in dogs is no stranger to you at all. Conjunctivitis in dogs is the most common condition that a number of dogs could have in their lifetime. This is the state wherein the conjunctiva of the dog’s eye becomes irritated and infected causing some burning sensation, pain, itchiness and inflammation of the eye. For purposes of discussion, the conjunctiva is the delicate membrane surrounding the eyelids and covering most parts of the dog’s eyeball. Most often than not, the dog is not able to open its eyelids because of the pus and other discharges.
Conjunctivitis in Dogs: Treatment and Cure
The main causes of conjunctivitis in dogs are brought about by fungi or bacteria or just mainly from allergies inflicted by some allergens or environmental factors like foreign body intrusion or trauma. Most vets are immediately able to determine the cause of the condition by the color of the discharges from the eye of the dog. When the discharge is green or yellow, the infection is caused by fungi or bacteria while watery and clear discharges would mean that there is a type of allergy the dog may be experiencing.

The constant rubbing of the eyes, endless irritability and unhygienic discharges are the most common symptoms for Conjunctivitis. When left untreated, the condition becomes worse over time and may pose a more harmful effect to your beloved pet dog. In treating conjunctivitis in dogs, it is very important to decipher the underlying cause before going through some treatment option based on the dog’s specific condition.

When caused by bacterial and fungal infection, most Conjunctivitis in dogs is simply addressed by a topical and broad-spectrum antibiotic in the form of prescribed eye drops. However, when the eye is inflamed, there are vets who prescribe topical steroid eye drops to help reduce the inflammation and itchiness.

Sometimes, when the bacterial infection persists, samples will be cultured to help detect the particular antibiotic or even a combination of numerous antibiotics to get rid of the infection. When there is a virus singled-out that may cause the condition, an anti-viral eye drop is then prescribed to eliminate the swelling and redness.

There are, in some cases dogs that have chronic conjunctivitis especially during extreme weather conditions. This is effectively addressed through oral medications and other advanced medications to help treat the condition successfully.
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Sea Lion Facts

Sea lions are often mistaken for seals, in the sense that they are considered as a seal and not as a TYPE of seal, which they actually are.

Defined by the presence of ears and a thin coat of fur, sea lions are the more popularly known varieties of seals, with numerous entertainment franchises featuring them, in comic books, children’s books and in movies.
Sea Lion
The 1994 full length feature Andre, a heartwarming story telling of how a family had managed to “adopt” a sea lion into their lives, stands to be one of the most well known movies featuring a sea lion character, with the sea lion’s name Andre used as a household term in describing and defining sea lions in certain parts of the world.

Highly trainable and generally quite composed in the company of human beings, sea lions are known to come in six species, with their populations known to cover tropical and sub-arctic regions, with one known species, the Japanese Sea Lion, already described as extinct.

As living creatures, sea lions have a lifespan that ranges somewhere between twenty to thirty years. Their weight and size is determinant on their species type, with the Settler’s Sea Lion known to weight as much as 1,000 kilograms or 2,200 lbs, measuring a 10 feet in length.

In terms of their dietary habits, Sea Lions are known to consume vast quantities of food, with sea lions eating an average of 5 to 8 percent of their body weight in food on a daily basis. This may not sound much, but that 5 to 8 percent is known to be somewhere at 15 to 35 lbs, saying something about how voracious sea lions are when talking about food consumption.

Protected by different government enforcement agencies, particularly for sea lions living close to human populations, the sea lion continues to be one of the more well loved water-based mammals in the world, with their silly and cute antics standing out as an attribute which sides with them.
Sea Lion

Sea Lion
Sea Lion Facts Video
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Pet Life – Listing your Dog as a Therapy Dog

If you want your pet to become more than just a home and family dog, try having it listed as a therapy dog at your local clinic, hospital or other health facility.

Pets have long been used to make us feel better, especially dogs. People of all ages react well with therapy dogs, which help them stay happy through their recovery. Therapy dogs are also great when it comes to children since it gives them something to look forward to while they get well.

But not all dogs are eligible to become therapy dog. Your dog may not have the right personality or could be sick with dm in dogs. This could affect their ability to help the therapist. Dogs that are well socialized are great for the job, but dogs that are hesitant with strangers may need more training. Below are other things that you need to watch for before signing them up.
Listing your Dog as a Therapy Dog
Handle well with the handler

Not unless you’re actually the one handling your pet, your dog and the handler must have a good relationship with each other. Most handlers are commonly therapists or health care professionals who took up a specialty in therapy, so they should know how to deal with your dog and the person they are interacting with. Check how your dog reacts and moves around with the handler to see how they work together.


Your dog’s own health should also be taken in consideration. If your dog has illnesses like arthritis, joint problems or dm in dogs, they may not stay as therapy dogs for long because of their illness’s progression. Same thing goes to dogs that are sickly. You’ll want to make sure that your dog is healthy and fit before training them to become a therapy dog.

As mentioned earlier, your dog needs to have a sociable personality. If your dog is really open and welcoming to strangers, then they could make the perfect therapy dog. You have to watch their temperament because your dog might be rough with the patients.


Toy dogs are wonderful therapy dogs, but medium and large sized dogs also do very well with this job. When it comes to large therapy dogs, you have to be really watchful especially with younger children. You dog could over power them and hurt them by accident, but most well trained therapy dogs know how to control themselves around kids.
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The Mustang

The Mustang is known for being one of the most popular horse breeds out in the world, with Ford immortalizing the horse with its Mustang line of muscle cars.

Found in the North American west, the horse’s ancestors were initially brought by the Spanish to America’s shores, where it eventually grew as a wild, free range breed of horses.
The 2004 film starring Viggo Mortensen and Omar Sharif entitled Hidalgo, shared the story of legendary distance rider Frank Hopkins and his mustang Hidalgo, recounting an adventure involving a race in the Arabian desserts in 1891. Based on a true story, the movie revisited the exotic and exciting allure of the wild frontier, as well as brought viewers to the mysteries of the Arabian desserts.

As horses, the mustang was once considered to be wild horses, though their “wild” status is no longer one which holds true to the breed. Today, it is the Przewalski’s Horse found in Mongolia that is considered to be truly wild, in the sense that they still roam free without the intervention of human populations.

Different Native Americans are known to have utilized horses as domesticated “beasts of burden”, with a number of those horse breeds known to be part-mustang. With the mustang’s “feral” attribute, not all mustangs are known to have been kept or integrated into communities or households, but they can still be found free roaming in certain parts of the United States.

As a horse breed, Mustangs are among the more well known, a status which had been propelled by Ford’s ascription of the “mustang” name. Though wild horses, a number of them are known to have been domesticated, with Hidalgo being one example.



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