Fun and Full of Character Game with a Cause

Most often, you can find dinners, concerts and shows that are made and organized with a specific reason- some to raise funds, help the needy and work for a certain cause. Where else can you find benefit organizations that offer such novel deeds?

Much to some people’s surprise, an exhilarating free game is taking the Android market by storm. Where else can you do charitable work other than the ones mentioned? However, you can now play and have a time of your life while engaging in a fun-filled dog-flying and full of character game that does not only entertain and provide a non-stop action adventure but also support a brilliant and philanthropic act of kindness to man’s best friend, our stray and orphaned dogs.
An aerial combat game for Android, Daredogs is the first indie game that Bugbyte Productions has produced with virtually a great cause to support. Playing this game will automatically give away 10% of Bugbyte’s income to selected dog shelters and other pet-based charities. What is also worthwhile to note is that instead of the 10%, it will be increased to a total of 20% when the 5 million downloads mark is achieved. This does not look a pretty ambitious, don’t you think with a valuable and more meaningful cause to propagate.

Now, doing charity is not only limited to one-time appointments and spur-of-the-moment activities but a regular kind of giving every time Bravo, the star of the Daredogs aerial gaming flight, flies into the air to win the Daredog Pilot’s trophy.

Developer Bugbyte Productions provides players a game of invigorating fun, daredevil acts and thrilling adventures with equally four exciting game types to play; Race, Dog Fight, Capture the Bone, Pirate Heist and of course there are boss battles mixed in throughout Daredogs.

The game is so easy to play and to some extent enticing, you would not want to let go. There are Daredogs features that offer the following for a more enthralling game experience: 4 different modes, 4 different playable dog characters, 25 unique tournament opponents, 7 unique tournament bosses and a plethora of unique weapons to choose from.

In Daredogs, you will be playing as Bravo, although you can also shift to other three known characters. The Daredogs tournament is the name of the game and Bravo tries to re-claim the friendly skies when his Daredog pilot-father died. With so much more to offer, Daredogs is a unique and electrifying game that makes a difference in Android, definitely a fun and full of character game with a worthy cause.
 Daredogs Video
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