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Rex Foxes, as wild as they are, are still popular in countless entertainment and merchandising franchises, from cartoons to stuffed toys, brand mascots to apparel design fixtures.

The 1973 Disney retelling the classic story of Robin Hood remains to be one of the first major animated features which highlighted a Red Fox as its central characters, also including the “humanizing” of other forest animals in representing the ever popular line of Robin Hood characters.
Red Fox
Given the red fox’s cute looks and their notoriety for mischief, Disney’s call in making Robin Hood a Red Fox can be ascribed as a good one, since the endearing persona of a thief with a conscience fits well with the generalized personality of Red Foxes.

Measuring as large as large-sized domestic cats, Red Foxes are actually closely related with the dog species, though they do have cat-like habits. Typically sporting a red-hued coat with an equally red-hued bushy tail with white ends, Red Foxes can be found in different parts of North America, found either in the average homeowner’s backyard or deep in the wild.

Red Foxes are carnivores, with a penchant for birds and small rodents. They are famous for being “chicken raiders”, which has essentially earned them the reputation for being mischievous thieves.

One interesting thing about Red Foxes is that their hunting habits bear uncanny similarities with that of cats. Prone to “play” with their prey before a kill, Rex Foxes are also known to simply pounce on a prey only to play with it, not necessarily killing it in the end.

Capable of hearing sounds as far as 40 yards from where they are, their senses are also quite finely tuned, just as how a cat’s or dog’s senses are.

As cute as they are, Red Foxes are fickle to keep in domestic environments, though there are cases when patient pet owners keep them around. As pets, they remain to be of the exotic variety, a pet that isn’t something for everyone.
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