In the movie Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole, brother owls are kidnapped and taken by an evil owl king who wants to create an army of owls. One of the brothers escapes this fate and searches for the legendary Guardians, owls whose stories are told in myth, to ask their help in stopping the evil owl king. The brothers are separated, with each choosing their respective sides in the ensuing battle.
The animated film perhaps stands out for featuring hundreds of different species of owls, wonderful creatures best known for hunting at night. These nocturnal birds are known for their large, expressive eyes that shine in the dark. The large eyes of owls serve a utilitarian purpose, helping them see in the dark, especially when hunting at night.

Owls are carnivorous, living mainly off small birds, lizards, bugs and smaller mammals like mice. They have very good hearing and can turn their heads 270 degrees around.

Owls come in different shapes and sizes, with some just a few inches tall with others having wingspans that reach up to 10 feet. These birds of prey also come in different colors, depending on the environment and the species of the owl. Another characteristic that owls are known to have is their familiar sound or call. They make a “hoot” sound when they are excited or threatened. It’s also a form of communication with other owls.

Interestingly enough, owls have always been shrouded in mystery, perhaps due to their nocturnal behavior. In the past, these birds were linked to the supernatural and the occult, a sad label since they are actually harmless. In fact, if a person gets too close to them, they usually just fly off to another tree and stay as far away as possible. They are very solitary creatures, which means that they prefer to be alone. You can find owls everywhere around the world, from tropical islands to cold and snowy countries.
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