Brown Bear

Brother bear, a wonderful animated family movie, tells the story of a human who is cursed and transformed into a bear after killing one to avenge the death of his brother. The spirits are angered by his act and turn him into a bear as punishment. During his journey to ask the spirits to turn him back to a human, he meets an orphaned bear cub whom he develops a bother-like bond with. In the end, the human decided to stay as a bear to watch over the cub and take care of him.
Brown Bear
The bears in the movie were typical brown bears that you would see in the forest of North America and northern Eurasia. These bears commonly weigh between 220 and 1,300 pounds however, a brown bear sub species known as the Kodiak bears can grow as big as polar bears. They are commonly solitary animals, except if they have cubs. They prefer to roam around the alone looking for food and shelter. They are very protective of their territory and will defend it form danger. Brown bears are known to have salmon as an essential diet and as such, they usually stay near river banks fishing for their favorite food.

These bears are known to have long fur that is very thick and a long mane on their necks. Interestingly enough, not all brown bears are brown. Depending on the subspecies and the area, they can range from brownish yellow to a reddish brown with silvery tips. In North America, the most well-known brown bear is the grizzly. Grizzlies have very dark, almost black fur. Some also have creamy brown coats, depending on the area and habitat. Moreover, brown bears are known shed their fur—lot’s of it in fact. During winter, their coats are thinner and have a rougher texture. During summer, it’s sparser and shorter.

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