No one left behind, pets included

As the undeniable changes brought about by climate change and environmental shifts have been more evident and defined, various steps are being undertaken by officials based in different parts of the world, calling upon contingency plans and crisis manuals during the occasion of natural disasters like earthquakes.

In San Francisco, earthquake planners have considered action plans geared for pets, ensuring that no one is left behind during times of crisis.

Given the pet-population of San Francisco, a population which rivals the number of school-age children in the city, it is not surprising to hear about the move, considering that even dog house constructions in the area are officially regulated and closely maintained.

The plan includes the active participation pet-disaster trained professionals, and a synchronized system where the department of Animal Care and Control take part in rescuing dogs, cats, birds and other animals from collapsed buildings or other at-risk zones, such as burning structures.

A mobile animal disaster medical command unit is also part of the plan, a pet-centric approach that does away with rescue workers telling people to leave their animals behind.

In the past years, the city has received $350,000 in federal funds, allocated to supplement local animal disaster preparedness. Given the frequency of earthquakes in the area, the action plan is calibrated to ensure that loss of human life and loss of property aren’t the only at-risk variables during cases of emergency.

With Animal Care and Control having an active role with sanctioned rescue agencies, San Francisco takes on a progressive approach in ensuring that no one is left behind when disaster strikes.

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