Operation Flea Control

These six-legged wingless and blood-sucking insects are obviously a nuisance and they keep pestering homes, wreaking havoc as external parasites, especially dependent on pets, practically sucking ‘em up with much gusto. Did you know that there are about 2,500 species of fleas all over the world and the US alone is estimated to have 325 of the species? Now, these itchy statistics are quite high but given much thought and careful consideration on how to stop the infestation, these annoying fleas would not be that bothersome anymore.

At some point in their lives, your dog or cat will most probably have fleas. It’s natural and there is nothing to worry about! Don’t panic, flea infestation will be annihilated given the following tips. You will be flea-free in no time.

Avail an Extensive Flea Control on Your Pet through Varied Products– Before anything else, look at your pet and apply the necessary flea control. There are varied flea products that flood the market today. Flea Shampoos, Flea Collars, Flea powders and sprays, oral medications and topical ointments are available. Make sure to check on the chemical ingredients. Following package directions is important most especially when it comes to using over the counter products and medications. Always check the label for use on the particular pet, whether dog or cat since cats are usually highly sensitive to drugs and chemicals. You cannot use a dog flea shampoo on cats, so be very careful to read labels and instructions. Also Flea – comb your pet twice every three-days to brush-off those fleas away.

Conduct an All-Out Flea Control on Your House and Backyard – After applying flea shampoos and other medications, look around you and disinfect all areas in the house especially those places that your pet frequently stays. Only about 10% of the fleas are on your pet and the remaining 90% which is the form of eggs, larvae and pupa and of course, a few adult fleas may be all over your pet’s carpet, bedding and soft furnishings. Missing-out on these key areas will not solve the problem in fact can aggravate the situation in a matter of time.

Apply Flea Prevention Methods – “Prevention is better than cure.” There are products that not only destroy fleas and completely wipe them out but also provide a period that still kills flea larvae for up to 4 weeks per application. Frequent use the whole-year round is the best prevention there is.

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