McBites Commercial: A Misunderstanding

What’s more dangerous?  Eating cholesterol-filled chicken McBites, or petting a stray pit bull? Over the past days, people have been raving about a radio commercial launched by Mcdonalds that, according to some folks, singles out the dangers a pit bull carries.

The commercial raised so much rage from pet owners that  negative comments flooded popular social media sites like Facebook and even on video streaming sites like Youtube.  It was pet-sitting business owner, Rachelle Lizarraga, who started the campaign against the offensive ad on facebook. She named it, “Pit Bulls Against McDonald’s” which called for the stop of the ad circulation. She also spread her movement on Twitter.   Its presence in social media sites was so powerful that McDonalds immediately pulled out the ad and publicized an apology, stating that “it was never their intent to offend anyone.”

However, supporters were not satisfied with the fast food chain’s explanation and demanded that the pits be included in the next commercial.

If you take a closer look at the message this commercial is trying to say, you may think that these  dog advocates are just a little bit over reacting. We do understand their point against the image media can leave on these “dangerous” dogs. No doubt about that. Contrary to their belief, the commercial is not singling out pits as risky breeds compared to eating their genetically engineered chicken nuggets.

If we review the commercial’s message that eating their Mcnuggets is far more safer than laying a hand on a stray dog and risk yourself getting bit, or giving out your password on your facebook account and risk being a victim of identity theft, or as what the commercial put it, “naming your son sue” – all of them are literally dangerous compared to just sitting in a comfortable restaurant munching on food (artery clogging cholesterol on the side)

Research tells us that pit bulls do have dangerous bites among all dog breeds, however they do not attack people without any reason. Experts that pits are not necessarily aggressive, and its aggression will always root back to its owner and his environment.

We can’t blame people for being concerned for dogs.  That’s why this ad made a bad first impression on them. However it would be wise to understand the message first before launching a nation-wide campaign, don’t you think?

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