Siamese Cat Information

siamase cat pets breed information kitten animal domestic
Siamese cats are cats that come from a country called Siam now we are familiar with Thailand. In 1950, there was a cat owner in New York named Milan Greer, began to breed cats which he calls "Golden Siamese". Golden Siamese is produced from matings between Siamese with Burmese cats. At first, this breeding program aims to produce a cat with a mahogany color and a darker color points. Greer produces brown cat with dark brown color point or seal. after that peggemar another cat named Margaret Conroy, crossing her Siamese cat sealpoint color with colored sable Burmese. And the Siamese cats became popular in the UK.

siamase cat pets breed information kitten animal domestic

  • Appearance
Siamese cats have a long body shape and muscular. Siamese Kepela triangular shaped with a sharp snout. Siamese cats have almond-shaped eyes are bluish and ears are wide. Siamese cats have fur that is short and smooth. Siamese cat's fur color contrast and color contrast was found at the ends of the body such as feet, ears, mouth, tail, nose and around eyes.

siamase cat pets breed information kitten animal domestic
Face of the siamese cat
  • Temperament
Siamese cat is a cat that has a friendly nature and also smart. Siamese cats are also dangat hyperactive and too noisy. but it also has a Siamese cat's curiosity more. Siamese cats are very close to humans. Siamese cats are cats who are loyal to pamilikinya. Siamese will accompany you wherever the owner goes.
  • Grooming
Siamese cat hair short because it does not need to frequently clean the fur. and the need to clean the cat's ears regularly.

siamase cat pets breed information kitten animal domestic wallpaper
Siamese Cat Wallpaper

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