bobcat wild animal wallpaper picture

Specification of Bobcat

Body Length : 2-4 feet
Tail Length : 6 in.
Shoulder Height : 1-1.5 feet
Weight : 15-30 lbs.
Litter Size : 2-3
Gestation : 60-70 days
Life Span : 12-15 years

Bobcat is one of a wild animal, Bobcat the smallest member of the group lynx. Bobcat population level than is now minimum at all because the carnage is done by humans. Native Habitat Bobcat real jungle, but because of the increasing human population and destroy the forest to be used as housing for humans, the habitat of endangered Bobcat.
Bobcat is not like a tame house cat and have a variety of hair, hair color from Bobcat has a style typical like other big cats, Bobcat only grayish brown, with black lines and shades of black spots on the body and on the front foot and dark tail.
Bobcat live by hunting, Bobcat eat smaller animals from him, but also able to hunt deer. Bobcat very sharp eyes at night because of the cat family, so the Bobcat often hunt at night.

bobcat wild animal wallpaper picture
Bobcat Picture

bobcat wild animal wallpaper picturebobcat wild animal wallpaper picturebobcat wild animal wallpaper picture
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